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We are passionated people working for many years in the packaging industry and we are determined to accomplish our goals and provide our customers with the best technology for their applications.



Our bagger systems cover a wide range of applications and have especial application in the food industry to help our customers to have a differentiator factor in the market, to protect the product and increase the profitability by reducing the operational cost of the packaging system.

We offer:

  • • Vertical Baggers
  • • Horizontal Flow Wrapper machines
  • • Rotary Baggers for pre-made stand Up pouches

Filling System

The filling equipment is the more critical and important machine of any Packaging System. Every product has different conditions, different challenges to be solved and handled in the best and gentle way to provide accurate weights at high speed, to minimize the giveaway and operate with high accuracy, especially for valuable products.

We offer:

  • • High Precision Combination Scales
  • • Auger Filler for Baggers
  • • Semi-Automatic Auger Filler
  • • Automatic Auger Filler System
  • • Volumetric Cups Filler
  • • Gravimetric multi nozzle filling system

Conveying System

All type of ancillary equipment for packaging systems to lift the product, transport the product from one equipment to the other or within different areas of the plant, to feed filling systems and take away final product.

We offer:

  • • Buckets Elevator
  • • Modular Belt Type Elevator S-Shaped type
  • • Inclined Modular Belt Type Elevator
  • • Inclined PU Belt Conveyor
  • • Inclined Screw type Conveyor

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We are focus on customer needs and committed to find the best solutions

We offer reliable products to bring satisfaction to our customers. we do all our best to contribute to our customers efficiency by offering solutions that improve their productivity and reduce costs.

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We take care of all the available resourses, working with efficiency in order to reach the goals and keep the business healthy

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We take care of all the available resourses, working with efficiency in order to reach the goals and keep the business healthy

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We have discipline to invest our time and capital in every project, every activity looking for the best return to the company

We make profits to guarantee the continuity of the business, the service to the customers and appropriate dividend payments.Cras in lectus eget lectus aliquet posuere ac fermentum dui aliquam nisi ligula.


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